Lucky Lola Studios | Finding Fur-Ever

 Growing up I always had a love of animals.  My childhood was never without a dog. Koko, our australian shepherd was my first best friend. She sat by my side in the backyard when times were tough, and slept at my feet when I would sneek her into my bedroom from her crate in the living room.  She was my dads best friend after my sister and I moved out. Ill never forget her, and she helped to forge what I wanted to do for other animals. 

My First dog Mazey was a stray I found, and Lola was rescued from the Green County Animal Shelter. All three of my cats are also rescues too. In 2013, we lost Mazey and i was prompted to start the slow search and healing process of finding our next dog. Beatrice was one of the dogs i photographed. My Husband and I fell in love with her and adopted her. There's just something about helping out the animals i just cant resist! 

I volunteer for PetPromise in the Columbus to help animals find that home that will love them and care for them for the rest of their lives.  I am a firm believer that every family deserves a pet.

Check out this article in the Columbus Dispatch about my volunteer work!